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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

When bedbugs decide to invade your home, you’ll have an uphill battle on your hands. Thankfully, there are ways to take care of the problem. Although you can try DIY methods, it is best to let a professional fix it for you. However, you’ll need to confirm that you have an infestation before hiring a professional exterminator. You have to go above and beyond to identify the infestation. Where do bedbugs hide? Below, you’re going to discover tips for pinpoint bedbugs in your home.

Common Places Where Bedbugs Hide


When an infestation occurs, most bedbugs in the home are going to hide on the mattress or box spring. They prefer staying close to their favorite food source so they’re going to hide on your mattress. When doing this, they’ll be able to detect your body heat and the CO2 you release when you sleep. Bedbugs start on the mattress but spread out when the infestation worsens

Bed Frames

As the infestation works and the colony grows, the bedbugs will need to find other places to hide. In many cases, they’re going to move to the bed frame. These pests are reddish-brown so they’re going to hide on the frame exceptionally well. You likely won’t notice unless you’re dealing with a large infestation. They’ll hide in the cracks and crevices of the bed frame so they’re going to be difficult to spot.

Bed Clothes

Bedbugs will eventually move to your sheets and covers. They’ll hide around the small folds of the covers so you may not notice them. However, it tends to be easier to spot bedbugs when they’re crawling around on your sheets and pillowcases. Look carefully because you should be able to see them.


Don’t forget to check the rugs and carpets in your bedroom. Once the infestation worsens, these pests are going to spread out throughout the home and find other places to hide. They’ll stay away from the bed and move to the carpets. Rugs have plenty of hiding places. They can slip through the carpet’s fibers and hide at the bottom. When it gets dark and you go to sleep, they’ll climb up your bed frame and suck your blood.

Couches, Chairs, & Other Furniture

You’re also going to need to focus on other furniture in your home. These pests often hide on the furniture in your bedroom. They will hide on couches, chairs, love seats, and more. Couches have plenty of hiding places that bedbugs will use to conceal themselves from humans. For instance, they’re going to hide between the cushions and pillows. They’ll also hide beneath the furniture in question. You’ll need to check your furniture carefully to find out what you’re dealing with. Above, you learn about the most common hiding places for bedbugs, but it doesn’t stop here. They’re also going to hide in some odd places throughout your home.

Odd Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs can hide anywhere in your home. However, they are often sound in specific locations, including on mattresses and box springs. They can also be found in the following spots.


Bedbugs are going to hide in your luggage. If you’ve recently returned from a vacation, you might’ve brought bedbugs home with you. They could’ve traveled in your luggage. When you got back home, they might’ve stayed in your luggage. They’ll likely move to your mattress or box spring soon. However, you may still find bedbugs in your luggage. Prevent them from entering your home by throwing your clothes in the dryer once you return.

Wall Decorations

Bedbugs can climb. They’ll climb walls, furniture, and bed frames. Therefore, there is a risk that you’re going to find them behind your wall decorations. If you have paintings or pictures on your walls, bedbugs might be hiding behind them. Remove them and check both sides for bedbugs.

Novels & Books

Do you like reading before going to sleep? If so, you might place your book on the nightstand next to your bed. Although this isn’t an issue, it could be for people dealing with bedbugs. These pests will hide in the books. They often take shelter in the small gaps between the protective coverings. They’ll also hide between the binding and spine. Check your books carefully to find out what is going on.


Many people have nightstands next to their beds. You should use a nightstand so you can store your clothes and other items close to your bed. Just remember that a nightstand is going to provide bedbugs with more hiding places. They can hide in the drawers and elsewhere.

Electronic Devices

If you’re worried that bedbugs have invaded your home, you’ll need to pay close attention to your electronic devices. They offer plenty of excellent hiding places. Many of these devices have small gaps and holes that are used for ventilation. Therefore, bedbugs will be able to slip through these holes without any issues. Although they can hide in computers and gaming consoles, they prefer hiding in electronics close to your bed. For instance, they’re going to hide in your alarm clock. Unfortunately, this tends to happen when the infestation has severely worsened. Storing items under your bed is a good way to hide them, but bedbugs could hide in those items too. You’ll need to carefully check your boxes to find out what is going on. Use durable containers to ensure that bedbugs cannot sneak into the boxes. Airtight containers will help. Once these pests have entered your home, call us. We’ll take care of the infestation for you. Our company has been dealing with bedbug infestations in your area for many, many years. Working with a professional ensures that the problem can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. When you’re ready, we’ll be ready to help.

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