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Cryonite Treatment

Bed bugs have a unique way of infiltrating homes. Unlike most other insect species, parasites – flea and tick – do not infiltrate buildings through tiny exterior-to-interior access points. Instead, parasites enter buildings through the front door, unknowingly to the owner and other occupants. The insects are picked up from hotels, motels, college dorms, hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, medical centers, daycare centers, movie theaters, and bed & breakfasts. Unaware individuals visiting the aforementioned facilities are at a high risk of becoming a bed bug host, a human or animal that bed bugs feed on its blood.

Humans and animals do not choose to be hosts of bed bugs or other parasites for this matter. Unfortunately, most hosts do not discover their mistakes until their home is diagnosed with a full-blown bed bug infestation.

Cryonite “Snow” Bed Bug Treatment

Cryonite, also known as “snow” is utilized to treat residential and commercial infestations of bed bugs. Cryonite treatment emits carbon dioxide “CO2,” which is applied directly at the bed bugs. CO2 snow is also utilized to treat cockroaches, beetle, dust mite, and bed bug infestation.

How Does Bed Bug Cryonite Treatment Work?

We utilize special equipment to generate CO2 snow, which is then applied directly at bed bugs, utilizing a sprayer wand. To ensure direct contact, while minimizing waste, a sprayer wand with a 90 degrees curvature nozzle is utilized to administer cryonite.

Cryonite works by creating temperatures negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit and lower. The extremely cold temperatures can eradicate bed bugs immediately on contact. CO2 snow is converted to gas, skipping the liquid phase.

Is Cryonite An Effective Bed Bug Treatment?

Absolutely, cryonite is one of the most effective pest control strategies to eradicate bed bugs. What makes cryonite so effective is its permeating capabilities. Cryonite can permeate electrical sockets, and other structural components utilized as hiding places by bed bugs. The “dry ice” converts to a gas, allowing it to permeate various structures, making contact with the insects within seconds.

Cryonite offers a speedy outcome, wiping out full colonies of bed bugs. CO2 snow begins to kill bed bug adults, eggs, and larvae within minutes of cooling. It can take anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes to eradicate a colony of bed bugs.

CO2 snow penetrate various materials, including wood, plastic, and upholstery.

Does Cryonite Treatment Use Chemicals?

No, cryonite is an eco-friendly treatment, meaning it is non-toxic. What are the benefits of cryonite bed bug treatment?

  • Suitable for mild, moderate, and severe bed bug infestation
  • Kills bed bug adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Begins working upon contact
  • A non-toxic pest control product
  • Penetrates and permeates various structural components and materials
  • Works for cockroach, bed bug, and dust mite pest control treatments

Our exterminators are on standby to help you solve your bed bug problem. Whether it is infiltration or an infestation, our professional cryonite treatment is the solution. Each professional cryonite treatment is initiated with a visual inspection, which begins in the host’s bedroom.

Do not become a bed bug victim, with our prevention strategy.

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