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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentMany of our clients are concerned about pesticides. We understand this wholeheartedly. If pesticides are not used correctly, there are immense risks involved. Many will try to avoid conventional treatments because they want to protect their homes, loved ones, and pets. Our company offers pesticide treatments, but we do it right. We know how to use pesticides safely and effectively. We’re going to keep you safe every step of the way while administering the pesticides.

We follow the recent study conducted by researchers at Purdue University. The study found that exterminators can indeed eliminate bedbugs using pesticides. However, precise protocols need to be followed. For instance, the exterminator needs to visit the residence multiple times with a significant wait in between. We follow these protocols to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • In total, our technician will visit your home three times
  • During the first two visits, we’ll check the home for bedbugs and treat the home with pesticides
  • We’ll visit the home a third time to check the dwelling for bedbugs
  • We wait 2 or 3 weeks between visits to give eggs time to hatch

We follow these protocols to guarantee that the problem is going to be dealt with safely and efficiently.

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