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Heat Treatment

People will have trouble attempting to tackle a bedbug infestation. Nevertheless, there are effective solutions to this problem. Once you figure out that your home is infested, learn as much as you can about thermal heat treatments. The treatment is reliable and safe. It can be used to safely wipe out bedbug infestations in residential dwellings with only one visit.

Besides offering a handful of other treatments, we offer comprehensive heat treatments. When you’re ready to deal with the infestation, call us. We’ll use our heat solutions to eliminate the bugs in your home while protecting everyone you love.

Basics Of Our Heat Treatments

Bedbug infestations aren’t easy to eliminate. First, you’ll have to identify the infestation. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to work diligently to resolve the problem. Which treatment method is going to be right for you? Ultimately, the answer depends on your preferences. However, we suspect that heat is a good option for many. Heat treatments can eliminate bedbugs safely and consistently. The treatment works because bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to extremely hot temperatures. Our technicians will use heat machines to raise the temperature of the home until the bugs are eliminated.

Heat is going to penetrate all cracks and crevices so it will wipe out all of the bugs in your home. It works great because it eliminates bedbugs, eggs, and larvae. Our technician will need to raise the temperature to 140-degrees and keep it there for two hours or longer. Bedbugs will either need to escape or they’re going to die. Our technicians will make sure they’re trapped in the home. Then, we’ll use our heat machines to eradicate them for you.

Reliable Bedbug Treatment

It is wise to pick the most reliable bedbug treatment. There are several to choose from, but heat is highly recommended. When you use heat treatments, you can guarantee that the problem will be dealt with before you know it. No treatment is perfect, but heat comes close. It is likely the most reliable bedbug treatment available. Heat works swiftly and efficiently. When the bedbugs are stuck in your home, they won’t be able to escape our heat treatments.

Instead, they’re going to be exposed to dangerous temperatures and it’ll kill them. They’ll either have to escape or die. We’ll make sure that the bedbugs are eradicated.

Keeping An Eye On The Home’s Temperatures

The exterminator has to go above and beyond to ensure that the proper temperatures are maintained at all times. The heat treatment process generally takes two to four hours to complete. During this time, we have to raise the home’s temperatures to 140 degrees or higher. Then, we’ll need to maintain the temperatures for several hours. If the temperatures increase or decrease, the effectiveness will drop. We have to maintain the correct temperatures to ensure that the bugs will be eliminated.

The temperatures cannot fluctuate. Our technicians will carefully monitor the temperatures to ensure the treatment can deliver satisfactory results.

We’ll Protect You

Our company is going to do what it can to protect you during the heat treatment process. For instance, we have to make sure that you stay out of the home until we’re done. In general, our heat treatments are safe and reliable. Nevertheless, we think it is a good idea for the client to stay out of the home during the treatment process. We’ll do everything we can to keep you safe.

When you’re ready to take advantage of our innovative heat treatments, contact our office. We’re eager to begin helping you, and we won’t stop until the problem is dealt with correctly.

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